"C Area"

The Contemporary Israeli Art Gallery Kiryat Tivon Memorial Center - Curator Michal Shachnai Yaakobi, 2016

The installation "C Area" deals with cyclical processes of construction and destruction as a pattern of action, as opposite ends of the same scale. In the perspective of the time the archeology of tomorrow and architecture will forever grow into the destruction. The installation shows a reversal between a floor and a ceiling and combines an archaeology with a construction site. An archaeological excavation is essentially an act of destruction. A site, excavated from a grid of latitude and longitude, forming a grid of excavation squares divided into areas. Opening the squares of the ceiling of the gallery space brings us to the "belly of the earth" and exposes the innards of construction - electric pipes, air conditioning and more. The remains of walls and architectural forms were inserted into the foundations of the house - fragments of impossible structures that were planted and integrated into a site-specific structure of the gallery. The ensembles created form compositions that merge an architectural space with its total disruption. Along with the aesthetics of destruction, the name implies work on the political level: Concrete and archeology as an Israeli-Zionist appropriation of a built or destroyed areas.