About Limor Tsror

Engaged in sculpture and site-specific installation in mixed technique. The concept of a place, in which I am interested, generates installations that, beyond their adaptation to the architecture of the space, are inherent structures to the place where they are established in its geographical, biological, archaeological, historical, political, etc. context... I create a place within a place, built from its physical and spiritual materials. Using the 'principle of the two', which places dual relations of up and down in the space, raises questions and skepticism in relation to it. The installation often combines process work in space that deals with space and time, transformation and decomposition, destruction and construction. Some of the works are the products of documenting processes that took place in the space during the exhibition. Investigating the chosen topic, the material and the action required with it, in accordance with a specific work, activates me. I sample from reality images, environments and objects which I break down into fragments. Reassembling them in space, as an installation or as an independent sculpture, is done while alienating, inciting or disrupting that sterilizes them and moves them from one world to another. The work combines works that are built from the ground up alongside readymade solutions. The use of cheap and everyday building materials, such as concrete, Styrofoam, wood, iron, sand, tar… is done with an aspiration for a fine finish. The experiments in the studio require creative and sometimes illusory solutions, which motivate the work and raise sculptural questions. The sculptures or the installation are built thinking about multiplicity and creating compositions, skepticism about stability and weight and a changing scale in relation to the body of the work and the body of the viewer. Modes of display combine walking between objects and they activate an unmediated space experience that confronts the power relations of gravitation, loss of orientation, threat and discovery.