Gallery 4, Tel Aviv, 2022, curator Orit Mor


The exhibition deals with bodies in states of grip (Hold) versus the possibility of complete release. It immediately combines readymade from two previous exhibitions and creates a new connection in space. On the floor are three "bodies", sculptural objects, made of two parts ("Social Bauhaus", curator Galia Bar-Or, 2019). The one is readymade to be taken out of context and the other is built to create a delicate and fragile equilibrium with the one depending on the other for balance. Next to the sculptures are three photographs created in "Aliza" installation (Janko Dada Museum, curator Avital Katz, 2021). In large boat parts that hung from the ceiling of the space, tar was poured. The organic matter flowed from the boat holes during the display and randomly created aggregate bodies in the space. Process documentation photographs were enlarged to create abstract “tar drawings”. In this new placement the position of the sculptures has a significant part in formulating the relationship between them and the space into which they were inserted, like foreign guests clinging to the walls so as not to disturb. Their location also corresponds with the name of the exhibition from which they came "Involuntary bodies".