"Hanina" Galley, Tel Aviv, Curator Hagar Bril, 2017

The spatial complex is created by the assembling of distinct sculptures, in which disintegrated old playgrounds to a disrupted, threatening and restless surrounding. 
In the process of decomposition of the original playground that uprooted from their original context, it turned into a not function landscape. They are reconnected through the grayness of the concrete and the typical yellow of playgrounds. These playful conglomerates allows experiencing the inside and outside, upwards and downwards, gravity and orientation, 
crossbreed works that combination elements like hard/soft, old/new, heavy/light.

The sculptures are hybrid creations that melted, into each other, by a material deceit, which reveals the hidden, false and dark stratum of childhood games: The concrete is not concrete but Styrofoam or polystyrene, the metal parts are made of plastic… It is an intimidating lie, whose realization is enabled by the childish imagination. By toying humor and helplessness through game-like act, I dictate new rules for a game of my own.