"Islamic art museum", Jerusalem, Curators - Eran Shavit and Shir Yamaguchi, 2020
Text installation in the process, tar on glass, 100x150cm

The consciousness of time in Eastern philosophy sanctifies the word "now" in focuses on the present and diverts reckoning with the past or concern for the future. The ideal of "living the moment" translates into a way of life and practices that aim to reach the inner self, balance and serenity. In contrast, Western culture, which is based on capitalism, translates time into money and thus lives in the future. This ideal has created an accelerated and impatient culture that strives for power and immediacy. .In this installation a word that in a Western conception of time signifies the "acceleration of the moment" slowly dissolves as in an Eastern conception of time "which pauses the moment," and in its collapse builds a trail of materiality that preserves the signs of the time.