"Peripheral Infusion"

The gallery in Beeri, curated by Dr. Ziva Yelin, July 2022  2022

site specific installation – work in progress

The map surrounding Gaza was the basis for the shape of an aluminum plate, 7 meters long, on which a surface was imprinted as the topography of an aerial photograph. The depressions that were created were filled with white sand and created images of stream channels that reflect the benefits of the sand in the surrounding area in general and Kibbutz Beeri in particular. Over the surface dangled infusion bottles full of black green liquid from which tubes came down dripping liquid that drained into the channels, was absorbed by the sand and colored the surface during the installation. Its gradual coloring in shades of green and black originates from the green fields in Beeri area where the remains of the burning of the kite terror are still visible, a cycle of time between destruction and growth and renewal. The sound of dripping drops was the pulse and rhythm of the installation that deals with time, process and change. Infusions are intended to help and save lives, but did the infusion that nourished the arteries at work contain iron and healing vitamins or toxic dye? The work deals with the relationship between the center and the Negev periphery, between life and death.