Final exhibition, Master of ArtsMFAHaifa 2023

series Cast Paintings- canvas, oil painting, white cement, nylon, iron
series Sliced- cotton fabric, wax, pigments, nylon, iron

Ancient fragments are treated and represented in two new series that deal with transitions between two- and three- dimensions while transfiguring form and material. In the series Cast Paintings Tsror is casting her old paintings in a concrete mold while intentionally damaging the cast. The fragments created are restored so that the buried painting is represented as an object. In the series Sliced she is mapping fragments of archeological pottery that have been scientifically restored and transform them into wax paintings on textile. This act turns the actuality of the object into a flat, two-dimensional representation, empty as a peel. The findings, which come from the Tel Assor's excavation in the fields of moshav Ein Iron, where she lives and work, have been studied and are presented by the Institute for Archeology at Haifa University, where Tsror studies (MFA). The exhibition is based on a geographic, conceptual, and personal connection and continues my preoccupation with the issue of place. Remains of reality on which she applied archeological practices of destruction and restoration, covering and revealing, become capsules of memories created as a new type of object/painting.