"Yezrael Island"

The Afula Municipal Art Gallery, curator Oz Zluf, 2022 2022

Floor installation in three heights (wood, plastic, rubber, epoxy) 240 * 350 cm

Afula the city of Yezrael, which was established as a capital for the valley's settlements, did not live up to expectations. As an absorbing city, it gradually became different from the pioneer-agricultural valley, and over the years, social, economic, and cultural gaps only deepened. Making it an island detached from its surroundings is a move that crumbles the city and requires a re-formulation of the space. The island highlights the map of the city center today and is located in the Yezrael Valley that has been re-flooded with its settlements. Erasing the valley settlements as an act of eliminating conflict with concepts such as necessity, dependence, centrality and the connection between a peripheral city and its space. The work is based on a geographical map and relies on the gap between truth and fiction