"Moving In time"

The Jerusalem Artists House, curator Hadas Maor 2019

"ZUZU" gallery Emek Hefer, curator Rotem Ritov 2018

An installation that converts a process. A distance of 3 cm between a stalactite and a limestone sentinel that has been closed for about 300 years in a karst cave occurs between two tar cones within 30 days in the gallery during the display. In a stalactite cave in the process of "growth" the stalactite drips and grows downwards and the sentinel is fed from it growing in front of it upright upwards. As the process continues, they will get closer to each other, connect and merge into a vertical column but in case the conditions change the process will stop and the two parts will never connect. Limestone (stalactites and stalagmites) and bitumen (tar) are materials derived from natural organic rocks. Both are substances that are characterized by transitions between states of aggregation (between liquid and solid) that are affected by their environmental conditions and weathering processes that create new states. At the center of the work is a space. 3 cm separates two tar cone uprights, an active and slow material affected by ambient temperature and gravity. The clearance of the spacing depends on the movement of the material during the display that will bring together and connect the two tar cones. The uncertainty in the process ranges from creating a new connection to perpetuating the tension and freezing it. (Tar, iron, plastic, 103x40x15)