2020 גלריה "בסיס" לאמנות ותרבות, הרצליה, אוצרות- שלומית ברויר וטולה אמיר

2020, "יש ריח לאמנות", גלריית החווה, חולון, אוצר דורון פולק

Catalog Building Materials

In the center of the work stand a table on which a tar was cast. But the table is defect. A cut open in it. The tar, a dynamic material, is slowly inclined toward the opening creating a "stopped" flow of material. The material in its horizontal state is quiet and flat gets a vertical turn that leaves traces of inner turmoil. The contents of the table go out into the space and emphasize the smell of tar carried in the air. The installation changes during the exhibition according to time, space conditions and my intervention. It ranges from restraint and control to randomness and release.