About Limor Tsror

Works in installation, sculpture and video art in mixed technique. The work combines works that are built from the foundation alongside a treated readymade from the collection bank in the studio. The work involves a process of reconstruction by using cheap and everydayconstruction materials (concrete, polystyrene, wood, iron, tar...). Exploring the material, the basic preoccupation with the transformation of the object and the way it is placed in space activates me, sometimes when I work with it and sometimes against it. The sources of my work derive from architecture, archeology, nature, and childhood.

I samples from the reality images, environments and objects - which I decompose into fragments and compose into a meticulous but flawed hybrid combination. The disruption disintegrates them and passes them from their world to my world. Acting in the studio, in space and in the frame, and thinking about modes of display and physicality, create compositions and new relationships.

Based on materiality and sculptural intervention, I place an object whose appearance raises doubts about stability, visibility, weight, etc. The attempts in the studio to act contrary to the original material require creative solutions that motivate the work and raise sculptural questions. An array of investigative activities that include pulling, cutting, retreating, displacement and a variable scale relative to the body create an unmediated space experience that confronts the viewer with a gravitational power relationship, loss of orientation, threat and discovery. These relationships are magnified in the video art work, which uses motion and the scale game of projection.